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Mary’s Year of Joy

I dumped New Year’s resolutions long ago in favor of a yearly theme and it has made all the difference in the world. For 2024, I’m envisioning a Year of Joy for myself and others. If this theme intrigues you, I’d like to share a few steps I’m taking for 2024.

  • See the best in others. Each of us has both admirable and disappointing qualities. When I look for the admirable qualities in others, it brings these qualities out in them. When people see the best in me, it brings out the best in me. I want these types of encounters this year.

  • Keep Moving Forward. Richard Rohr writes of “Falling Upward” and both he and John Maxwell write of “Failing Forward.” Walt Disney captured this in his motto: “Keep moving forward.” Every mistake or failure is an opportunity to pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off, and keep moving forward. Success is falling down ten times and getting up eleven. 

  • Live with purpose and passion. Even though intentionality is one of my favorite words, far too many of my days are lived thoughtlessly and habitually rather than intentionally. But when I remember to let purpose and passion lead the way, O what joy and fulfillment I find!

May you find your own path to bringing love and light to your life and to this world in 2024.

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