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Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Music is everywhere at this time of year, and that's okay with me. We sing holiday carols and songs for many reasons. Singing is a part of the ancient Christmas story - angels singing of promise and glory. Singing raises our energy and releases endorphins in a season when the days are shorter and fatigue is more frequent. Singing connects us with many ancient winter traditions of many religions and beliefs - for people have sung and danced in gratitude, prayer, and hope for thousands of years. This is a month to hum and dance, even if it’s to silly tunes like “Rudolph.” For in singing, we connect with all of creation in celebrating hope, love, and light - even on dark, dreary days. So, I sing a lot in December. Whether it’s a beloved hymn, a familiar carol, or a silly children’s song, I hymn along with every melody piped through those speakers in the grocery story. And at my best, I remember that each song, each note, each shout is an invitation to proclaim hope and celebrate the Light that returns to us even in the darkest of days.

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