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  • are making the world a better place

  • create positive change in the world

  • love helping others

  • serve and lead with love

  • inspire others to do the same

When you're ready to turn your challenges into life-giving opportunities for growth and transformation, Mary and her team are ready to help.

Appreciation for Mary

What an amazing leader you are!  You see clearly, quickly, and move people on board with you.  You speak truth in a kind way.

-Heather Miner, Pastor

North Long Beach, California 

Thank you again for a wonderful afternoon.  I'm feeling more energized than ever.

-Bruce Formes, 

Financial Planner

Thank you for your wonderful presence with the congregation last week.  Your leadership training was very enlightening and empowering for all!

-Karen Clark Ristine,

Journalist and Pastor 

San Diego, California 

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Church Growth & Leadership Conference

A Training Event for Clergy & Laity 

February 11-13, 2020

Disneyland Embassy Suites 


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