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Waiting is Part of the Journey

Updated: Jul 10

Finding our destination takes some time. The path is often filled with waiting and the need for patience. Some of Einstein’s teachers thought he had a mental handicap. Michael Jordan didn’t make his high school varsity basketball team. And King David almost got completely overlooked as Samuel searched for Israel’s next king. But Samuel waited to hear God’s guidance. Hearing that each one of Jesse’s presented sons were not the chosen one, Samuel asked if there was possibly someone else. It’s a bit like that moment at the end of Cinderella when the prince and his servant ask if there’s someone missing who has yet to try on the glass slipper. Waiting for the right fit or the right step forward takes time and persistence. Finding the right leader or the right plan may mean looking in unexpected places for unexpected people. The perfect Sunday School teacher may be the person who is new to the Church and knows little about the Bible. The best musician may be an instrumentalist during a time when we cannot safely sing together. The ideal chairperson may actually be a quiet young woman at the back of the room. The best re-gathering plan may be something a teenager suggested. The new ministry to which we are called might be something we would never have imagined before the pandemic.

In this season of so many unknowns, there is wisdom in waiting and watching. We really don’t have a choice. But sometimes we also need to look within and realize we might be the ones that someone else is waiting for. David had to come in from the fields to discover he was needed as king. David had to grow up before becoming this king. And, yes, David made some big mistakes along the way, and had to continuing growing and learning as he led the Hebrew people.

In the coming weeks, we’ll have a chance to learn more about his path, his ups and downs, and the lessons he learned—lessons that can help us on our own paths. But for now, it’s enough to watch and wait, to reflect and learn. Where might our gifts be needed? What is needed right now, in this quickly-changing world? And what is God calling us to do in response to those needs? We only find out by waiting, listening, discerning, and discovering. Who are the ones we’ve been looking for to help our churches, our homes, our communities carve the best path forward? Have we perhaps been looking in all the wrong places, reviewing only the familiar, expected faces? Who is out in the field, ready to be called into service and leadership? And if we are those ones, are we ready to answer the call? Let’s wait and see. Let’s listen and learn together. And let’s strengthen our commitment to say “Yes!” when the call comes, for we may be needed to answer God’s call with our time, talents, and treasures.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.    ~Gandhi