Sorrow & Hope Mingle in the Face of Another Shooting

My heart hurts this week. My son and his friends are so relieved they didn't accept the invitation to go celebrate and relax with friends, but know others did and now are gone. A town and neighborhood they all thought of as "safe" was not safe at all. These millennials, so often maligned and criticized, capture my admiration. My hope lies in our young people. A group of student filmmakers spend all day on Friday filming in our sanctuary, to create a though-provoking film on a school shooting. Another young friend spends her days teaching and mentoring and walking alongside those without sight. My son drove 3 hours on Tuesday to cast his vote when his mail-in ballot was lost. Another young friend spent Wednesday getting to know the ins and outs of a social service agency that feeds 750,000 people every year. Throngs of young adults donated blood this week. If only we adults would find a way to protect them and put their needs ahead of our own - sigh! I'm just brokenhearted by a nation who is so in love with its guns, its personal freedoms, and its personal wealth that we sacrifice even our children for our own selfish pursuits.

Such a sad week, such a challenging time, such a season of heartbreak....

Prayerfully, Sorrowfully, Hopefully,

Pastor Mary Scifres

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.    ~Gandhi