Trust the Spirit of Life

“Mercy and truth have met together; righteousness and bliss shall kiss one another,” states the wise general in a toast after enjoying the wonders of Babette’s Feast. He proceeds to wax eloquently about the infinite nature of mercy that we so often limit in our human weakness. The previously resistant guests receive his wisdom with a small glimmer of acceptance and even a bit of joy. Jesus’ experience of waxing eloquently about the nourishing gift of his presence was not always so well-received. Many followers left, rather than accept the idea that God’s love

could be so abundant that it would give us infinite nourishment and even eternal life. The spirit of life ran through Jesus, a spirit that transcended his humanity and connected him with the Creator of life. If we want to live fully, we can do so, because that same spirit of life runs through us. The Creator of life wants us to connect with one another, for each of us is a precious child created in God’s own image. God wants each of us filled to overflowing with a sense of God’s unconditional love. Christ wants each and every human being to be filled to overflowing with the grace we need to be made whole and wholly connected to God and to one another. What if we actually trusted this spirit the next time we start telling ourselves that we’re not good enough? What if we actually trusted our faith that God is love and loves us unconditionally? What if we actually trusted the spirit of life that flows through us when we find ourselves resorting to self-destructive behaviors? What if we believed ourselves to be uniquely and beautifully created by God—created not only in the divine image, but fed by the Bread of Life with everything we need to live this journey of life fully and joyously? What if we started feeding one another from the source of this truth? We can offer words of encouragement rather than criticism. We can share a helping hand even before we’re asked. We can praise and thank others for each gift we notice and receive from others rather than taking such gifts for granted or holding back our gratitude. In doing so, we become bread for one another, nourishing the spirit of life that is flowing through us. We can open the floodgate of the spirit of life and faith that seeks to flow through our churches, our communities, and our world. Let’s celebrate and trust the spirit of life. Let’s celebrate and trust that spirit in ourselves. Let’s celebrate and trust that spirit in one another.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.    ~Gandhi