November - The Season of Generosity

We unleash a mystical power when we rest in gratitude and are satisfied with whatever God and life provide for us. This is the blessing of the poor in spirit, the merciful, the meek, and the pure of heart. These blessed ones experience the mysterious realm of God as they live in the upside down world of prioritizing the needs of the world over their own and discovering that living for others is “enough.” Embracing “enough” as connects us with the simple blessings we already possess, even things we might not consider to be "blessings." Consider the weeds in your garden that bloom unexpectedly in the fall, or the beautiful blanket of colors offered in a yard full of fallen leaves. Even weeds to be pulled and leaves to be raked can bless us. Remembering and recognizing the basic gifts God has provided for us since the first moment of creation connects us with gratitude, which easily flows to generosity. The morning sunrise and the crisp evening air are blessing enough; rivers of water and grain from the earth satisfy our every need; and the abundance of the harvest coupled with the beauty of the earth call us to sing songs of praise and joy. Satisfied that the creation God has blessed us with is enough, we can rejoice in this generous gift. How can we keep from singing? How can we keep for sharing? For this is a season of generosity, arising from hearts filled with thanksgiving and gratitude.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.    ~Gandhi