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Tired of jumping hurdles alone?

When my school formed its first female track team, I tried being a runner like my older sisters. But in both distance and sprints, I just couldn’t keep up. Finally, the coach really looked at me and noticed my long legs. “Would you like to try hurdles? It’s a stretch for a beginner, but you’ve sure got the legs for it.” Each hurdle brought its own challenge, but thanks to his persistent training and careful coaching, I had a relatively successful track season. Hurdles have been a constant companion in my life, both on and off the track. But thanks to supportive mentors, friends, colleagues, and coaches, I’ve managed to navigate the hurdles—sometimes successfully, sometimes after surviving nasty falls. That’s why I’m sharing this video with you.

As a newly certified Executive Coach with the Maxwell Leadership Team, I’m taking my coaching to the next level with amazing clergy and church leaders, but also with business leaders and executives who seek support jumping life’s hurdles, navigating change, and expanding leadership skills and values. Hearing where new clients want to be a year from now always brings to mind a line from the film Hidden Figures: “In my mind, we’re already there!” Then we begin the work of going where they want to go. If you or someone you know is ready for transformative coaching or mentoring support, if you are ready to get where you want to go, contact me for a complimentary strategy session to explore how I might be of help.

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