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Resources Can Renew Our Energy!

Are you so tired you feel it in your bones? At one point in the second year of the pandemic, I was clicking along like any good coach, caring for myself with exercise and rest, and tending to my spiritual and emotional needs with a good coach of my own and a strong set of spiritual practices. Even so, I hit the proverbial wall. I could hardly get out of bed and felt so sad that all I could do was cry. Self-care activities felt insurmountable. But then I realized I needed support—the support of friends and family. I hadn’t asked for support or prayer from friends in months, even though I offer support and pray daily for friends, family, and coaching clients. In an act of sheer desperation, I took the advice I so often give: “Energize your life and work by getting the resources you need!”

We teach what we most need to learn. Applying what I know works well for others, everything started getting a little easier. And the next week, when a silly stuffed animal arrived in the mail from one of my friends, I literally danced my way up the steps humming a tune. Getting the resource I needed, in this case, support from friends, made all the difference.

As you think through what resources you need, here are some suggestions to consider:

1. Depend on your Higher Power to be your strongest foundation.

Even the most spiritual amongst us can forget to turn to our Higher Power when we need help. Still, God is there, ready and waiting to support us, no matter how huge or small the need. The energy of the universe is all around us, awaiting our attentiveness to the life-giving creation that yearns to renew our lives. Draw near to God, and God will draw near to you!

2. Build for yourself a team of outsiders to support you.

It truly takes a village to survive and thrive in this world, and our village needs to expand beyond just immediate family and co-workers. Figure out what type of support you need, and then invite those people into your village. Whether it’s a coach or spiritual director, therapist or best friend, or all of the above, a supportive village makes life and ministry much easier.

3. Surround yourself with people who have different gifts than yours.

In your work and leadership teams, diversity is the greatest gift. Whether hiring, recruiting volunteers, or building a family team, include people with a variety of talents, preferences, outlooks, and gifts, and encourage them to bring their diversity to the team.

4. Purchase resources and hire people to provide the support you need

to not just re-energize your work, but keep the energy steady and strong throughout your year.

My team and I are here for you, which is why we've launched a free short course on energizing your life and work.

We also offer coaching and consulting to strengthen leaders and the organizations you lead. Visit us at next time you need support to explore the many ways in which we can be a resource for you.

For those of you leading churches, we also write Creative Worship Made Easynamely, to spark your creativity and make your worship planning, music selections, and sermon prep a snap, even when you’re at your lowest ebb. You can enjoy a free trial at

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