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Play to Your Strengths to Energize Your Life & Work

Michael Jordan captured the imagination of millions when he left basketball the year his father died to pursue his father’s favorite sport: baseball. But after a rather disappointing year in the minor leagues, Michael returned to his greatest athletic strength: basketball. Many stellar seasons followed as he learned the value of playing to your strengths.

So often, we find ourselves playing more to our minor league passions than to our major league talents. Like Michael Jordan, we’re discovering that playing to your strengths is a critical step to re-energizing your ministry, as well as your virtual and in-person worship.

In order to play to your strengths, you won’t be able to “do it all.” You may not be able to accept other responsibilities and tasks you’ve commonly fulfilled in the past. Consider these three ideas for letting those responsibilities go:

1. Delegate things that could or even should be someone else’s work or ministry.

2. Defer those things that aren’t of highest priority. Assess later if they need to be done or delegated.

3. Decide and do those things that you must do, even if they’re not your favorites.

Explore the questions and ideas in our newest free course, Energize Your Work, to assess how you're doing and develop an action plan for moving forward with more energy by playing to your strengths.

Then, make a commitment to playing to your strengths for just the coming week. Assess one week from today how that’s gone. Assess if you’re feeling renewed energy, or if you’re feeling frustrated that you keep returning to old patterns. Take a deep breath, and try making the same commitment for a second week and re-assess again. Try this for three weeks and see what you discover. Three weeks can often create a new pattern that sets the stage for the next three months and even the next three years.

Making these changes can be challenging. A good coach can help you claim your talents, chart your path, and stay on track. Contact us to see how we can help you get where you want to go. Contact us ( for a free discovery call to explore where we can help you play to your strengths and re-connect with the energy you need to serve and lead your people.

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