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Get Unstuck

On an evening drive to a friend’s mountain cabin, my Geo Metro got stuck in a snowdrift. My husband and I called it a night and hiked the rest of the way. The next morning, our car was literally frozen in the snow, so B. J. and a neighbor dug around the car, placed firewood behind the wheels, and warmed the car up free the car’s frozen undercarriage. An hour later, I heard the “pop, pop, pop” of the little car pulling free of the snow as B. J. slowly drove it over the planks of wood and onto the recently cleared road. Without B.J.’s wise planning, the shared load of freeing the car with a neighbor, and their many hours of shoveling and strategizing, that little car might have been stuck until the spring thaw. If you’re feeling stuck or can’t seem to start moving forward, try these “Three Tips to Get Where You Want to Go.”

  1. Create an intentional plan.

    1. Decide how best to get unstuck, then create an action plan to do so. Gather the tools you need and then focus your actions to dig out and start moving forward.

  2. Share the load.

    1. We exponentially ease our load and increase our forward movement by asking others to help us create the plan, gather the tools, and move the plan forward. Everything comes a little more easily when we have partners helping us bear the load and work toward forward-movement.

  3. Follow through to make it happen.

    1. Check on the plan you created to make sure you’re on track. Check in with the people who are sharing the load with you to make sure they’re still engaged and on track. As you check in with one another and the plan, you can adapt and adjust to avoid other “snowdrifts” and keep moving forward together.

Getting unstuck and moving forward alone can be challenging. My own coach helps me dig out when I’m feeling stuck, and I’m honored to help my coaching clients do the same. Contact us if you need a partner to share the load. We’ll help you create and implement a plan to dig out of your “snowdrifts” and onto a path forward.

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