Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time.  We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. 

~Barack Obama

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Inspiring leaders to transform themselves to make this world a better place, Mary is an internationally-respected speaker, teacher, & author. Mary strategically guides churches, universities, and businesses to the gifts of growth and change as they impact more lives. Focusing her work on change-makers and change-making, Mary is THE coach you need to navigate a new path forward with grace and ease when transition or crisis arises.


For example, Mary began working with a small, urban congregation five years ago. In the beginning the pastor was inexperienced and unsure as she began leading a congregation who were fearful the entire church would die. Having hired their new pastor for her youthfulness and inspirational presence, they saw this young pastor as their last and best hope, but a hope that would need support. Mary coached the pastor to expand her confidence and leadership acumen, while also guiding the entire leadership team to create a vision and plan for their future, and then transform those dreams into into reality. Five years later, they’ve created that future and more: A membership that is 30% larger, worship attendance growing by more than 5% each year, a budget that always ends with a surplus for expanding their mission and ministry, and both a building and grounds remodeled and re-landscaped to reach even more people. The congregation is now a place of service to the entire community, no longer a dead weed patch in the neighborhood. They’ve reached beyond their roots, and everyone from new immigrants to neighbors finding church for the first time to LGBTQI young adults and food-insecure families are finding home and inclusion there. This is just one of many examples of radical transformation Mary has facilitated in her 25 years as a growth consultant.

As a turnaround specialist, consultant, coach, and visionary, Mary Scifres guides churches, businesses, and leaders to reclaim their purpose and refocus their mission. Experienced with organizations and staff teams from across the nation, Mary brings a broad perspective of regional differences, cultural shifts, generational challenges, and leadership needs. 


​Mary is an internationally-recognized speaker, teacher & author, bringing both inspiration & expertise for growth, innovation, and transformation. As a motivational speaker, Mary inspires hope with her enthusiasm, her unwavering faith in people, and her undaunted confidence in the future. With an engaging, relational style, Mary ignites creativity from the stage, helping audiences recognize and explore possibilities for themselves and their organization. 


After completing her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Indianapolis, Mary Scifres earned graduate degrees from Boston University and post-graduate certification in Organizational Development and Leadership from Southern Methodist University. Mary has also trained in corporate coaching and change management techniques under the tutelage of business leaders from Microsoft, Nordstrom, & Boeing.

Mary has published over 75 books and continues to write extensively in areas of creativity, growth, and change. Her most recent book, The Gospel According to Beauty & the Beast: A Story of Transformation, is now available from Amazon.


Your coaching and workshops have given us valuable tools, perspective and wisdom to use going forward. You overcame a lot of skepticism and dysfunction with your broad knowledge and experience, credibility, and sincerity.


-Bob Bilanchone-

Human Resources Manager, Printronix

Always great inspiration. The workshop gave me several things to consider, and I loved the interaction with other attendees. Now to stay in the 15% and stop stressing about the 85%!​

-Carrie Kellogg-

Workshop Participant